Unthinking Photography is an online resource that explores photography's increasingly automated, networked life.

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The World Imagining Game invites you to play through the lifecycle of new virtual worlds from creation to culmination.

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This article speculates how photography could evolve to face the challenges that the networked image and the environmental emergency has brought forward. It suggests a radical change in the visual cultures developed along with the adoption of a new file format.
The Small File Photo Festival is a mini festival and online exhibition encouraging and celebrating small size photography
A·kin is a project by Aarati Akkapeddi exploring human and non human categorisation of photographic archives.
On the first day of the COP26 climate conference in Glasgow, a network of people operating DIY satellite ground stations around the world will capture a collective snapshot of the Earth.
New critical writing that sheds light on photography’s environmental impact in its various aspects through newly commissioned articles written by international authors
A project by Rosalie Yu that considers coin-operated children’s rides, which arrived in Taiwan in the form of Mickey Mouse and Pikachu characters from colonial powers in relation to labour, ownership …
Machine unlearning is an emergent subfield of machine learning that aims to remove the influence of a specific subset of training examples — the "forget set" — from a trained model
An article by Linda Kronman that "analyses the cybernetic loop between human and machine classification by examining artworks that depict instances of bias when machine vision is classifying humans …
A deep dive into annotation for machine learning, with an increasing focus on emotional content and contexts
Artificial intelligence may make some jobs obsolete but it has given a new life to a group of people who play an unglamorous but critical role in machine learning: first generation women workers in …
This is not the self-driving future we were promised – but it is the one that surveillance and privacy experts have warned about.
An analytic website for stock photographers found that the average revenue per image per month or AI images is a whopping four and a half times bigger than photos or any other format.
A pack of 3D assets for The Sims 4 by Ebonix
Rosa Menkman asks 'what kind of accuracy will be necessary and what software or hardware will render the image?'
Nephogram is a free app that calculates how many grams of CO2 are emitted by the photos we share on social media.
A team of researchers pursue an intuitive prompt-to-prompt editing framework, where image edits are controlled by text only.
Through DragGAN, anyone can deform an image with precise control over where pixels go
Computational-mama's speculative archive emerges from 'a secret scientific society that suppressed radical new birthing, new womxn beings developing limbs and post human babies.'
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