July 2021

Joana Moll is an artist and researcher based in Barcelona.

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Joana Moll’s new commission creates a link between the explosion of techno-capitalism, the acceleration of climate change and resulting decline of essential ecosystems.

The title, 4004, is the name of the first commercial microprocessor. Created for the Intel Corporation in 1971, 4004 marked a new era in technological development. Moll aims to establish a connection between the exponential growth of the microprocessor and the decline in both number and diversity of species – in particular insects – who form an essential part of the ecological infrastructure. The artwork draws parallels between the roles of microprocessors and insects, showing how both are small but key components of larger systems.

Over the 75-day duration of the exhibition, the insects will be gradually and generatively superseded by microprocessors. The slow but continuous replacement reflects not only on the slow decimation of ecologies, but also the difficulty of visibly representing climate change.

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