Careful Networks

Careful Networks is a project initiated by Phoenix in partnership with BOM, Furtherfield, The Photographers' Gallery, QUAD) and Vivid Projects.

This project follows the principles of coding to care and coding carefully from the Distributed Web of Care initiative. You can read more about this in Community over Commodity, an essay by Adina Glickstein.

Each work is hosted by one of the twelve other participating artists. The network exists through a collaborative act of care and stewardship; visitors are invited to participate. This network is built on the Hyper protocol and accessible through the Beaker browser.

The artists participating in Careful Networks are:

Larisa Blazic
Daniel Sean Kelly
Nisa Khan
Rhiannon Lowe
Emily Mulenga
Antonio Roberts
Ailie Rutherford
Christopher Samuel
Samiir Saunders
Shinji Toya
Nye Thompson
Lily Wales

Launch Project

Suggested Citation:

TPG Team (2021) 'Careful Networks', The Photographers’ Gallery: Unthinking Photography. Available at:
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