Alan Warburton

Alan Warburton is an artist, animator and researcher whose work critically reflects on CGI software culture. His work has screened and exhibited internationally at venues including The Southbank Centre, Laboral, HeK Basel, Kunstlerhaus Bethanien Berlin, The Barbican, The Photographer’s Gallery and The Austrian Film Museum. His work can be seen at and further documentation and research appears on

A 3D model depicting a hooded prisoner from Abu Ghraib, was the starting point for a discussion between the artist Alan Warburton and the art historian and curator Julian Stallabrass.
As an artist using 3D animation software, much of my work comes in trying to introduce noise, dirt and detail into sterile, mathematically derived images. CGI wants to be photographic. Conversely, Adobe Photoshop is anchored to the photographic realm but strives to efface it.