David Raymond Conroy

David Raymond Conroy’s compositional works investigate the performance and construction of subjectivity within shared social space. Utilising commercial display strategies, museological structures and theatrical staging techniques, Conroy assembles objects, texts and images that position the rhetorics of quality and function in relation to desire. Central to his practice is the complex interweaving of production and consumption, how authenticity meets artifice in the formation of the self, and how that self relates to its community.
Conroy presented major projects at the Museum of Contemporary Art Estonia, and Seventeen gallery, London, in 2015. Other recent exhibitions have taken place at the Zabludowicz Collection; Modern Art Oxford; Young Projects, Los Angeles; Arnolfini, Bristol; Nottingham Contemporary; Chisenhale Gallery, London and Focal Point, Southend-on-Sea.
David Raymond Conroy (b.1978 Reading) lives and works in Brussels and London.

For the (conspiracy) theorist, the beauty of images is that they have the power to become simultaneously a source of proof and doubt. Look again, don’t you see that? There it is. Gone.