Philipp Schmitt

Philipp Schmitt is an artist, designer, and researcher based in Brooklyn, NY, USA. His practice engages with the philosophical, poetic, and political dimensions of computation. His current work addresses notions of opacity in artificial intelligence research and its history.

Philipp’s work has been exhibited at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the MAK Vienna, Science Gallery Dublin, Link Art Center, and the Triennale di Milano, and is part of the permanent collection of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Ars Electronica Center and the MoMA Art Library. His artist book, Computed Curation, was published by Bromide Publishing House in 2018.
Currently, Philipp is a Berggruen Institute Junior Artist Fellow with Yann LeCun at NYU Center for Data Science, and a metaLAB Affiliate at Harvard University.

This article is an overview of the projects 'Epic Handwashing in a Time of Lost Narratives' and 'A Kitchen of One's Own' weaving a thread between the technical and the conceptual: the projects are linked historically by the writing and arguments put forth by Virginia Woolf, technologically by computational juxtapositions of text and image, as well …
Philipp Schmitt's 'Declassifier' uses a computer vision algorithm trained on COCO, an image dataset developed by Microsoft in 2014.