Nye Thompson

Nye Thompson is a London-based visual artist and software designer. Nye’s artwork explores the way new technology paradigms are transforming our humanity and the social/psychological impact of living in a world of connected objects. Working primarily in sculptural installation she uses the virtual and material artefacts of technology to explore the relationship between the embodied and virtual experience.

Since the beginning of 2016 she has been documenting the global phenomenon of self-surveillance through her online/offline project Backdoored which collects images taken by bots through unsecured security cameras. This work was first shown in Tate Modern and then as a solo show Backdoored.io and attracted worldwide media coverage, including BBC Click, C4 news, CNN Hong Kong, NOS, the Guardian and Wired.

Works by Nye Thompson:

Domestic (in)security

May 2017

These (in)security cameras are all around us. In our streets, shops, buses, restaurants, homes. They are looking, listening and recording. Their omnipresent gaze pierces, protects us, keeps us safe. Through them we are delivered from unknown evils, from the nameless things that might creep up on us if we don’t watch out. Through their panopticon gaze we are quantified, verified, analysed, documented, mapped, filtered and judged.