Very excited to announce that we just released to public domain the hires image of our sculpture ‘Ceiling Cat’, through @wikipedia

We made an agreement with @sfmoma - who acquired the work - to give up ownership of the photo, so that anybody can copy it, or use it for whatever purpose, free of charge.You’re all welcome to download it and use it!

In the last few years we’ve been fascinated by memes, these weird mutating creatures who populate the Internet.Memes are very popular images that circulate virally and generate endless versions.

Memes defy all art parameters: they’re created collectively, they’re anonymous and free.Ceiling Cat is a sculpture based on an “old” internet meme. It’s a taxidermy cat, peeking through a hole in the ceiling, always watching us, watching it.

It’s cute and scary at the same time, some see it as a symbol of the internet itself: a global surveillance system in an appealing fuzzy wrap.

#ceilingcat #SFMOMA #wikimedia #creativecommons #lolcat 🐈

Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/CAptFEuFIr1/

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