Generated Photos

100,000 Faces Generated by AI
Free to Download

These people aren’t real!

We are building the next generation of media through the power of AI (an original machine learning dataset using StyleGAN (an amazing resource by NVIDIA)) to construct a realistic set of 100,000 faces.. Copyrights, distribution rights, and infringement claims will soon be things of the past.To give you a glimpse of what we have been working on we created a free resource of 100k high-quality faces. Every image was generated by our internal AI systems as it continually improves. Use them in your presentations, projects, mockups or wherever — all for just a link back to us!

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Generated Faces are Perfect for:

User Interface Design for Web and Mobile Applications
Educational Projects
Handouts and Worksheets
Emails and Newsletters
Landing Pages
User Avatars


The dataset has been built by taking 29,000+ photos of 69 different models over the last 2 years in their studio. The photos were taken in a controlled environment (similar lighting and post-processing) to make sure that each face had consistent high output quality. After shooting, the photographs underwent labor-intensive tasks such as tagging and categorizing.

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