Looking to champion the graduates of HackYourFuture, a not-for-profit coding school for refugees, in a way that resonated with its participants, agency 72andSunny Amsterdam has hidden portraits of them in the back-ends of the homepages of major companies such as eBay and Accenture. The campaign, called Behind the Source, features seven portraits built in code that are available for anyone to see if they know where to look – by clicking “view page source”.

It’s not as sneaky as it might sound, however, as the companies are complicit – in fact, the graduates now work as web developers at the companies taking part. The campaign is celebrating their success, in a self-proclaimed “geeky” way that hopes to reframe discourse around refugees and the contribution they bring to the countries they move to, while highlighting how learning code can help to change people’s lives

Further information: https://www.itsnicethat.com/news/72andsunny-behind-the-source-hack-your-future-digital-120220 / https://www.hackyourfuture.net

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