"Wonder3D produces consistent multi-view normal maps and correpsonding color images, and thus reconstructs high-fidelity textured mesh from a single image in only 2~3 minutes.

In this work, we introduce Wonder3D, a novel method for generating high-fidelity textured meshes from single-view images with remarkable efficiency. Recent methods based on the Score Distillation Sampling (SDS) loss methods have shown the potential to recover 3D geometry from 2D diffusion priors, but they typically suffer from time-consuming per-shape optimization and inconsistent geometry. In contrast, certain works directly produce 3D information via fast network inferences, but their results are often of low quality and lack geometric details. To holistically improve the quality, consistency, and efficiency of image-to-3D tasks, we propose a cross-domain diffusion model that generates multi-view normal maps and the corresponding color images. To ensure consistency, we employ a multi-view cross-domain attention mechanism that facilitates information exchange across views and modalities. Lastly, we introduce a geometry-aware normal fusion algorithm that extracts high-quality surfaces from the multi-view 2D representations. Our extensive evaluations demonstrate that our method achieves high-quality reconstruction results, robust generalization, and remarkable efficiency compared to prior works."

-- Xiaoxiao Long, Yuan-Chen Guo, Cheng Lin, Yuan Liu, Zhiyang Dou, Lingjie Liu, Yuexin Ma, Song-Hai Zhang, Marc Habermann, Christian Theobalt, Wenping Wang, 2023

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