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Images are the fuel of computer vision. In this text, the sociologists and computer science researchers Miceli Milagros and Tianling Yang, discuss the performativity of ground truth data that are produced in image labeling processes.

The amorphous feed

Computational-mama's speculative archive emerges from 'a secret scientific society that suppressed radical new birthing, new womxn beings developing limbs and post human babies.'
Reconstructing realistic images with high semantic fidelity is still a challenging problem. Let's try with a latent diffusion model.
These photos have been manipulated in a process of selectively re-imagining male-coded parts in the artist's appearance within the images using a commonly available out-painting text-to-image AI tool.
In Amsterdam, there are an average of 99 cameras per square kilometre monitoring our streets, pavements and communal areas. How do we prevent a ‘Big Brother-like scenario’ in the future?
MOMA speak with three artists—Kate Crawford, Trevor Paglen, and Refik Anadol—who engage with the ways that AI and machine learning algorithms are demanding new approaches to artmaking.
your virtual pet is better than ever with the Tamagotchi camera
The Electronic Frontier Foundation releases images of surveillance technologies taken along the U.S. Mexico border.
Sofia Crespo and Anna Ridler unpick technologies and how they are created, and this process of building the dataset starts to think through some of the implications inherent in even analogue …
Why opting out from image datasets is not an effective governance mechanism for artists.
...expect the unexpected, the future's gonna be weirder than anyone can imagine....
Think of ChatGPT as a blurry jpeg of all the text on the Web.
A Screen Walks playlist of recorded live-streamed events touching on surveillance.
an overview of the context of AI art making tools and connects media studies, new media art, and data ethics with current events and debates in AI and generative art.
A Screen Walks playlist of recorded live-streamed events touching on intimacy.
a series of parody videos on TikTok of a Russian street photographer's video style in which he approaches strangers, introduces himself and asks them to pose for pictures
Stock photographers create more readable narrative figures.
On the occasion of the project "Apian", Aladin Borioli and the Professor Jennifer Gabrys discuss sensing technologies, the challenges of evidence-making in environmental research and different ways of perceiving the world of sensation.
A Screen Walks playlist of recorded live-streamed events touching on ecology.
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