3D models

A new research paper that produces consistent multi-view normal maps and correpsonding color images, and thus reconstructs high-fidelity textured mesh from a single image in only 2~3 minutes.
A pack of 3D assets for The Sims 4 by Ebonix
Drinks over Zoom just weren't cutting it – so I recreated my local pub in virtual reality, with working pints and motion-captured versions of my friends
Reconstructing 3D human shape and pose from a monocular image Reconstructing 3D human shape and pose from a monocular image is challenging despite the promising results achieved by the most recent …
"The idea that an architectural rendering can be ‘real’ or ‘fake’ involves a transference of the logic of one medium—building—to the logic of another—drawing. Architectural rendering has always exploited the potentials of the page or canvas where money, knowledge, taste or gravity proved prohibitive..."
A 3D model depicting a hooded prisoner from Abu Ghraib, was the starting point for a discussion between the artist Alan Warburton and the art historian and curator Julian Stallabrass.
Maria Rosario Montero and Morehshin Allahyari discuss digital colonialism as a core concept in Allahyari's work as well as the agency of feminist and activist practices using 3D scanning, 3D printing and storytelling.