By analysing the use of noise, probability and randomness in generative AI, Sonia Bernac and Jeremy Keenan question what the emergent aesthetics of diffusion models really are, and whether it’s possible to move away from a visual output that is only determined by probability. 
An introduction to signal theory, explaining key mathematical concepts such as ‘representation’ and ‘groups’. Max Ardito takes a technical approach to look at the constructions that produce digital images. In doing so, he asks: how does digital media age, and what influences its aging?
The Small File Photo Festival is a mini festival and online exhibition encouraging and celebrating small size photography
This wiki is a comprehensive encyclopedia of online and offline aesthetics! Made by a community dedicated to the identification, observation, and documentation of visual schemata. This page is for …
A project by Rosalie Yu that considers coin-operated children’s rides, which arrived in Taiwan in the form of Mickey Mouse and Pikachu characters from colonial powers in relation to labour, ownership …
Rosa Menkman asks 'what kind of accuracy will be necessary and what software or hardware will render the image?'
This publication aims to playfully explore the potential of fiction to create a wide range of responses to real and imagined networks.
A Screen Walks playlist of recorded live-streamed events touching on aesthetics
LOLcats here are the digital people’s fairy tales on the subject of animals, and, more precisely, cats, following a formulaic structure in their making. LOLcats, as natively digitally born aesthetic, acts exhibit features that are shaped in their succinct coherence by their processes of coming into being, by the ways in which LOLcats emerge and …
Photography of the Internet extends to unprecedented social fields and challenges of social norms for questioning cultural, economic and ethical values of photos circulating within the networks.