conspiracy theories

RadiTube is a tool for journalists and researchers to search through conspiracy and far-left & far-right wing channels on YouTube
"People are now more acutely aware of the way in which ideas can transform and mutate through the (inter)net, and have their own “life”, so to speak. I personally think of the internet itself as a complex entity, like a living organism, expanding and contracting. Its territories are as far-reaching as they are controlled".
The internet has become an ideal medium for the dissemination of unfounded conspiracies and disinformation and the reinforcement of beliefs and biases which has culminated in a fractured reality that …
For the (conspiracy) theorist, the beauty of images is that they have the power to become simultaneously a source of proof and doubt. Look again, don’t you see that? There it is. Gone.
These images, drawn from films made by members of the YouTube conspiracy theorist community, are presented as evidence for the radically heterodox alternate worldviews of their original creators.
“Cropping, montage and annotations... Exploring photographic practices in conspiracy theory.”