Per photo, digital photography is undeniably more eco-friendly than analogue film photography. However, we make orders of magnitude more photos now than in the analogue times. This article discusses the history of digital image formats and their ecological footprint.
The Small File Photo Festival is a mini festival and online exhibition encouraging and celebrating small size photography
On the occasion of the project "Apian", Aladin Borioli and the Professor Jennifer Gabrys discuss sensing technologies, the challenges of evidence-making in environmental research and different ways of perceiving the world of sensation.
4004 creates a link between the explosion of techno-capitalism, the acceleration of climate change and resulting decline of essential ecosystems.
Most everyone in the critical-studies and eco-critical pantheon — from Socrates to Marx to Arendt to Derrida; from Carolyn Merchant to Rachel Carson, Bakhtin to Bookchin — worried about this kind of …
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Picture Sky In this project we create a crowdsourced image of the sky. Multiple observers are positioned at GPS coordinates that form the points of a grid. At  the moment of the satellite flyover, …
Yvette Shen - Seven Days in Beijing  Beijing, the capital of China, is known for its rich culture and long history. In recent years, it has also been recognized by the world for its dire air …