Yung Au considers the term Activism through a retrospective lens, and how it claims to bring possible futures
This is not the self-driving future we were promised – but it is the one that surveillance and privacy experts have warned about.
Drinks over Zoom just weren't cutting it – so I recreated my local pub in virtual reality, with working pints and motion-captured versions of my friends
The maker of the Pixel camera and the world’s biggest photo social network chat
Dare to share your poop for science—and help change the future of gut health. We’re building the world’s first and largest poop image database–so we can train an AI to change the future …
Lil Miquela interviews Ines Alpha about the future of beauty Link:  https://www.dazeddigital.com/beauty/head/article/43924/1/lil-miquela-ines-alpha-leading-3d-make-up-revolution /  @dazeddigital​ / …
"I am trying to develop sets of relations between images and practices across time, across species, across technologies, and identify certain old tropes that are returning today. I would like to think that my mode of looking, which involves placing images along those deep-historical lines, is also a way of showing why photography matters".
The internet has become an ideal medium for the dissemination of unfounded conspiracies and disinformation and the reinforcement of beliefs and biases which has culminated in a fractured reality that …
Robotic challenges to push forward innovation in Middle East source:  http://www.mbzirc.com/news/mbzirc-boasts-teams-from-top-international-universities-and-organizations-15