A reflection into the work of Design Beku, a mesh network in Southern India, which reimagines the idea of data governance through methodologies of ethical care.
Mónica Alcázar-Duarte reflects on how abundance in indigenous culture is in contrast with ideas of aspiration and eternal growth.
Yung Au considers the term Activism through a retrospective lens, and how it claims to bring possible futures
Srujana Katta considers how Community artefacts as shown through an ephemeral piece of daily life: the screenshot
Dhruv Jani reflects on the term History, using a little-known album of seventeen images from the town of Itihasnagar
Su Myat explores the role of organisations like Myanmar Witness to consider digital evidence and how activism and photography converge in a networked world.
From WORK HARD! PLAY HARD!, a collective self-organised platform dealing with the issues of knowledge production, cooperation, work, leisure, technology and acceleration through various performative, …
The Post Growth Toolkit invites us to challenge the dominant narratives about growth and progress in all their facets and implications, the limits of technology, of politics and of our imaginations.