image manipulation

Researchers from the University of Chicago introduce Nightshade, an optimized prompt-specific poisoning attack where poison samples look visually identical to benign images with matching text prompts.
Through DragGAN, anyone can deform an image with precise control over where pixels go
OpenAI releases Image-GPT, a version of the same AI that you've probably seen generating writing. Only this time the same architecture (!!!) is trained on images instead. Given a partial image, it …
Research group Citizen Lab finds WeChat screens overseas users for sensitive content, which it then bars from being received by Chinese accounts; findings are likely to add fuel to concerns in …
We present a method and application for animating a human subject from a single photo. E.g., the character can walk out, run, sit, or jump in 3D. The key contributions of this paper are: 1) an …
"People are now more acutely aware of the way in which ideas can transform and mutate through the (inter)net, and have their own “life”, so to speak. I personally think of the internet itself as a complex entity, like a living organism, expanding and contracting. Its territories are as far-reaching as they are controlled".
“Cropping, montage and annotations... Exploring photographic practices in conspiracy theory.”
The web project ‘Photo of the Day (PhD)’ is a series of works paraphrasing a photo report series of the same title published on Hungary Matters, an online media channel of the Hungarian Public …