street view

A Screen Walks playlist of recorded live-streamed events touching on web maps.
source: interview between Kay Watson and Rebecca Allen (Serpentine R&D)
"A Google Street View car in Los Angeles once captured a picture of Leonard Cohen. It happened a couple of years before he died. He was sitting with an acquaintance on lawn chairs outside his modest home in the Mid-Wilshire neighbourhood. The driver was an accidental paparazzi. Cohen didn’t even notice him. (...) Google Street View isn’t …
By  Akihiko Taniguchi  Taniguchi created a web application for iPhone that allows you to take pictures without using the phone’s built-in camera. Instead the photo is a result of the user’s current …
odinsblog: So…Google doesn’t care about the privacy of the cow on the left? Is the cow on the right in the witness protection program?
An inventory of physical locations whose legal, political or social statuses are invisible to a casual observer. A work by Sam Lavigne