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This wiki is a comprehensive encyclopedia of online and offline aesthetics! Made by a community dedicated to the identification, observation, and documentation of visual schemata. This page is for …
Computational-mama's speculative archive emerges from 'a secret scientific society that suppressed radical new birthing, new womxn beings developing limbs and post human babies.'
Stock photographers create more readable narrative figures.
MyHeritage Deep Nostalgia™, video reenactment technology to animate the faces in still photos and create high-quality, realistic video footage.
This is part two of a conversation between Nestor Siré and Marloes de Valk.
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I write this from my small New York apartment in my fourth month of isolation. The pandemic has required each of us to slow down and do less, and I keep thinking of a childhood friend who once told me, “We’re human beings, not human doings”. Even as a teenager, I knew this was an important paradigm shift: it meant that we could rethink how we …
A short text on visual literacy, and media creation of public health videos for Covid-19  Knowledge of the creative environments and pedagogical concerns behind this audio-visual material on the …
Drinks over Zoom just weren't cutting it – so I recreated my local pub in virtual reality, with working pints and motion-captured versions of my friends
This article weaves a thread between two commissions, historically through Virginia Woolf, technologically by computational juxtaposition, as well as poetically in the viewer’s experience through a speculative remix.
"Use of capture technology involves a level of selective resolution; an emphasis of certain elements over others. As the image production process isn’t a linear hermetic process, decisions are taken in it’s production that will be visible in the rendered outcome..."
The artist and designer Tobias Revell has been invited by The Photographers' Gallery digital programme to curate a strand for Unthinking Photography on the theme of photography, rendering and CGI and their effect in architecture and the built environment. In this text the curator of the series introduces the topic through a short history of image …
A 3D model depicting a hooded prisoner from Abu Ghraib, was the starting point for a discussion between the artist Alan Warburton and the art historian and curator Julian Stallabrass.
At the northern end of London’s Tottenham Court Road, a state of the art proton beam therapy centre is being built by University College London Hospitals. The hoardings around the site feature familiar images of patients and medical staff; but this most intimate and molecular life-saving technology itself is represented by a graphic of a glowing …
notes from Katriona Beales talk at the Creative AI meetup at The Photographers' Gallery.
prostheticknowledge: She Who Sees the Unknown, Ya’jooj Majooj Artist Moreshin Allahyari who works with 3D scanning and printing and Iranian heritage discusses a work that was born from the recent US …
Nicolas Malevé interviews the artist Sebastian Schmieg on image annotation, immaterial labour and his TPG commission 'Decision Space'.
A research project examining the infrastructure behind contemporary cartography
Photography of the Internet extends to unprecedented social fields and challenges of social norms for questioning cultural, economic and ethical values of photos circulating within the networks.
“The 21st century. A place where we live stream war while Facebook prompts us to 'react' with an emoticon. #Mosul”
What is success? In the past, a successful photographic career led ultimately to a monograph or a retrospective. Let’s unbox one.