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Mike Tyka, Dreams of Imaginary People, 2017(constantly morphing hypnotic GAN portraits) ...

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ChainGAN portrait series

ChainGAN portrait series by Mario Klingemann

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“The world’s first photo exhibition shot with a car.” Barbara Davidson in collaboration with Volvo

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Kaitlin Schaer, Drone Photogrammetry, 2017 Freestyle drone flying and racing is a growing sport and hobby. Combining aspects of...

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Realtime Neuratorial Art Artist Memo Atken has been exploring methods to generate neural network images in realtime. It...

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Matthew Plummer-Fernandez - snowden.ppt, 2017 Machine Learning style transfer used to create portraits of Snowden in the styles...

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HITO STEYERL. This reminds me of the late 19th century, where there were a lot of scientific efforts being invested into...

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