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April 2020

Philipp Schmitt's 'Declassifier' uses a computer vision algorithm trained on COCO, an image dataset developed by Microsoft in 2014. In the work, photographs from Schmitt’s series 'Tunnel Vision' are tested and overlaid with the images used to generate the algorithm in the first place. By doing so, Schmitt exposes the myth of magically intelligent machines; the visual data by which machine learning algorithms learn to make predictions is hardly ever shown, let alone credited. Part of the 'Data / Set / Match' programme.

Launch Project

Somebody else's cat: A study in the protohistory of the internet cat meme

January 2018

"Like many viral phenomena, the Somebody else's cat group began by accident in the context of a specific online community, the image hosting site Flickr". This text by Dr Loplop explores the emergence of the internet cat meme and the influence of online communities in the development of this protohistory.

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