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Flash Fictions on Alternative Networks

August 2021

This publication aims to playfully explore the potential of fiction to create a wide range of responses to real and imagined networks. Each of the works that you will receive on your mailbox has been created through a collaborative human-machine process. Over two weeks you will receive 11 flash fictions to your email address. Some stories will be sent in just one email, others over a few. At the end of the publication you will receive a colophon email with further information on all the contributors, both human and automated. You will always be able to stop receiving the emails and once the publication is over, your contact details won't be reused.

Launch Project

The War and Peace of LOLcats

January 2018

LOLcats here are the digital people’s fairy tales on the subject of animals, and, more precisely, cats, following a formulaic structure in their making. LOLcats, as natively digitally born aesthetic, acts exhibit features that are shaped in their succinct coherence by their processes of coming into being, by the ways in which LOLcats emerge and live on the networks.

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Internet Photography

November 2016

Photography of the Internet extends to unprecedented social fields and challenges of social norms for questioning cultural, economic and ethical values of photos circulating within the networks.

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