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An article from the NYT Privacy Project on the The Racist History of Facial Recognition. Starting with early scientific facial...

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Visual Dialog requires an AI agent to hold a meaningful dialogue with humans in natural, conversational language about visual...

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High Quality Face Recognition with Deep Metric Learning The new example comes with pictures of bald Hollywood action heroes and...

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While humans pay attention to the shapes of pictured objects, deep learning computer vision algorithms routinely latch on to the...

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The reason biases against women or people of colour appear in technology are complex. They’re often attributed to data sets...

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Fortunately we are smart people and have found a way out of this predicament. Instead of relying on algorithms, which we can be...

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i will tell you everything Manetta Berends, 2015 training set = "contemporary encyclopaedia" In the process of making an...

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Layers of Abstraction: A Pixel at the Heart of Identity Shinji Toya and Murad Khan, 2019 This project centres around a...

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What can algorithms know? The present power of algorithms is fueled by another entity: that of data. Generally referred to as...

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Generative Representation

December 2018

For the past six years Heather Dewey-Hagborg has been researching, writing and producing artwork engaging the methodology of ‘forensic DNA phenotyping’. In this essay, she explores a different aspect of this technology and questions: is forensic DNA phenotyping a photographic process?

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