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Javier Lloret Pardo - Annotators View Image Annotators constitute the hidden labour of AI vision. The current ubiquitous...

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On Lacework: watching an entire machine-learning dataset

July 2020

I proposed what would become Lacework in the Summer of 2019. In my proposal, I describe a cycle of videos curated from MIT's 'Moments In Time' dataset, each then slowed down, interpolated, and upscaled immensely into imagined detail, one flowing into another like a river...

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We propose Localized Narratives, an efficient way to collect image captions with dense visual grounding. We ask annotators to...

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Unevenly Distributed

The Future Is Here!, the title of Mimi Onuoha’s video project reflecting the human side of crowdsourced image labelling, is spot on. The stories I have been told by crowd workers from across the globe doing this work full-time indeed often have an eerily Gibsonian ring to them. Especially the stories from Venezuela.

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A popular self-driving car dataset is missing labels for hundreds of pedestrians

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An introductory presentation about Data / Set / Match, a year-long programme seeking new ways to present, visualise and...

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