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Fluid behaving like solid - slow-motion footage

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Beetle-mounted camera streams insect adventures

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Recovering Lost Narratives in Epic Kitchens

This article is an overview of the projects 'Epic Handwashing in a Time of Lost Narratives' and 'A Kitchen of One's Own' weaving a thread between the technical and the conceptual: the projects are linked historically by the writing and arguments put forth by Virginia Woolf, technologically by computational juxtapositions of text and image, as well as poetically in the viewer’s experience through a speculative remix.

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Epic Hand Washing in the Time of Lost Narratives

'Epic Hand Washing in the Time of Lost Narratives' by xtine burrough and Sabrina Starnaman is a speculative remix that confronts Epic Kitchens, a dataset of first-person cooking videos, with quotations from literature written during or about prior pandemics such as the bubonic plague and the global influenza pandemic of 1918-19. The project reveals the arbitrary nature of information preservation and highlights the constructed nature of digitised materials. Blurring the lines between art and archive, or information and dataset, this work furthers discourse about the digital dataset as an authority of knowledge curation. Part of the 'Data / Set / Match' programme.

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Amazon turns to Chinese firm on U.S. blacklist to meet thermal camera needs Amazon.com Inc has bought cameras to take...

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Three New Cameras Camera Restricta - Philipp Schmitt, 2015 Camera Restricta is a speculative design of a new kind of camera. It...

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Buttons, Sascha Pohflepp 2006/2010 Between Blinks & Buttons is a twofold thesis project about the camera as a networked object....

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By Akihiko Taniguchi  Taniguchi created a web application for iPhone that allows you to take pictures without using the phone’s...

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Domestic (in)security

May 2017

These (in)security cameras are all around us. In our streets, shops, buses, restaurants, homes. They are looking, listening and recording. Their omnipresent gaze pierces, protects us, keeps us safe. Through them we are delivered from unknown evils, from the nameless things that might creep up on us if we don’t watch out. Through their panopticon gaze we are quantified, verified, analysed, documented, mapped, filtered and judged.

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