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(Can’t) Picture This 2: An Analysis of WeChat’s Realtime Image Filtering in Chats By Jeffrey Knockel and Ruohan Xiong We found...

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As researchers, we have always wondered: if we scale up the amount of training data 10x, will the accuracy double?

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Into the Universe of Rendered Architectural Images

June 2019

"While the capacity to intervene in the production of urban space or formulate an effective vision of what’s to come has appeared increasingly cut off to the general population, long-term development projects and real-estate schemes continue to dictate city transformation well into the future. And we are increasingly inundated with the architectural visualisations that accompany these plans..."

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We knew we needed to collect a data set that has far more images than we have ever had before, perhaps thousands of times more,...

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It’s easy to take for granted that you can send a picture to a friend without worrying about what device, browser, or operating...

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Let’s play  Name That Dataset!!! https://people.csail.mit.edu/torralba/research/bias/

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A Complete Taxonomy of Internet Chum by John Mahoney This is a chumbox. It is a variation on the banner ad which takes the form...

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