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Layers of Abstraction: A Pixel at the Heart of Identity Shinji Toya, 2019 This project centres around a critical examination of...

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A cold draught in a hot medium

February 2019

"Images now published on social media are valorised in terms of distribution and quantifiable interactions, particularly when triangulated with data about a user’s online purchases or social media behaviour. This process shapes visual representations of human identities into ‘data images’ outside the control of the person the data originates from. These identity images, or profiles, are bought and sold without our knowing, and provide more insight into our behaviour and motivations than we perhaps have ourselves"...

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Generative Representation

December 2018

For the past six years Heather Dewey-Hagborg has been researching, writing and producing artwork engaging the methodology of ‘forensic DNA phenotyping’. In this essay, she explores a different aspect of this technology and questions: is forensic DNA phenotyping a photographic process?

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Quotations around automation, image making and labour. Collated by Adam Brown and Nicolas Malevé for Rethinking the workshop:...

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We are under the illusion that seeing is effortless, but fre- quently the visual system is lazy and makes us believe that we...

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“The world’s first photo exhibition shot with a car.” Barbara Davidson in collaboration with Volvo

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Realtime Neuratorial Art Artist Memo Atken has been exploring methods to generate neural network images in realtime. It...

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Matthew Plummer-Fernandez - snowden.ppt, 2017 Machine Learning style transfer used to create portraits of Snowden in the styles...

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Machine-Learning Algorithm Aims to Identify Terrorists Using the V Signs They Make

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HITO STEYERL. This reminds me of the late 19th century, where there were a lot of scientific efforts being invested into...

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