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Image "Cloaking" for Personal Privacy The SAND Lab at University of Chicago has developed Fawkes1, an algorithm and software...

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Thread: https://mobile.twitter.com/AllanXia/status/1168092238770921472 In case you haven’t heard, #ZAO is a Chinese app which...

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Generated Photos 100,000 Faces Generated by AI Free to Download These people aren't real! We are building the next generation of...

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DeepPrivacy A fully automatic anonymization technique for images. This repository contains the source code for the paper...

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We introduce the first visual privacy dataset originating from people who are blind in order to better understand their privacy...

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Domestic (in)security

May 2017

These (in)security cameras are all around us. In our streets, shops, buses, restaurants, homes. They are looking, listening and recording. Their omnipresent gaze pierces, protects us, keeps us safe. Through them we are delivered from unknown evils, from the nameless things that might creep up on us if we don’t watch out. Through their panopticon gaze we are quantified, verified, analysed, documented, mapped, filtered and judged.

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“The idea is about making faces communicate with each other,” he says. He designed the software to recognize facial expressions...

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Invisible is a protection against new forms of biological surveillance. A 2014 project where the bioartist, Heather...

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CAMERAROLL  A five-page digital installation built on the NewHive platform by vyle + Devin Kenny exploring surveillance and...

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So…Google doesn’t care about the privacy of the cow on the left? Is the cow on the right in the witness protection program?

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