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Go Fake Yourself!

January 2021

Go Fake Yourself! uses deepfake artificial intelligence technology to animate single photos of faces with facial expressions and body language "borrowed" from driving videos of public figures. With deepfake AI technology, the face - the most intimate and yet public part of the self - and the emotions it expresses can more and more easily be manipulated and placed in contexts out of the control of the "lenders" of the faces themselves. Upload a photo of your face to generate 4 private deepfakes. Part of 'Imagin(in)g Networks' programme.

Launch Project

The new system, called Dreambit, analyzes the input photo and searches for a subset of photographs available online that match...

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1.  [ TEXT TO SPEECH ] 2.  [  SPEECH TO LASER ] 3.  [ GESTURE TO STROBE ] source: http://marijabozinovskajones.com/techsent/

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Maria Callas - Style Transfer by Lulu xXX Paris-based CGI artist Lulu xXX has been experimenting with style transfer, and has...

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