October 2021

Interview with Joana Moll

Joana Moll and Marloes de Valk discuss Joana’s new project 4004, exhibited online and on the Gallery’s Media Wall until the 14th of October 2021. Digging into the infrastructures which are at the heart of today’s digital technology, they discuss the role of artists and the art world in the transition to a less polluting society.

January 2021

Maintaining Composure: An Interview with Tamiko Thiel

As Tamiko Thiel’s work Lend Me Your Face! is shown on The Photographers' Gallery website –waiting for the gallery's reopening for it to be shown on the Media Wall, she talks with curator Prof. Sarah Cook about deepfakes, identity and user agency across a brief history of participatory networked art projects, political incitement, and how we all instinctively react to facial expressions.

December 2020

Interview with Nestor Siré [Part I]

Nestor Siré and Marloes de Valk discuss Nestor’s artistic practice and how he has engaged with the development of alternative networks that arose in Cuba, from book rental shops to El Paquete Semanal and SNET, the country-wide Wi-Fi mesh network run by gamers. This is part one of a two-part interview.

December 2020

Interview with Nestor Siré [Part II]

This is part two of a conversation between Nestor Siré and Marloes de Valk. In part one Nestor introduced himself, his artistic practice and his personal history with Cuba’s alternative networks, from book rental shops to El Paquete Semanal and SNET, the country-wide Wi-Fi mesh network run by gamers. In part two they talk about visual culture on SNET, as well as the social and physical aspect of digital networks.

June 2019

‘Hooded Prisoner’ in 3D – a discussion between Julian Stallabrass and Alan Warburton

A 3D model depicting a hooded prisoner from Abu Ghraib, was the starting point for a discussion between the artist Alan Warburton and the art historian and curator Julian Stallabrass.

February 2019

Nonhuman Photography: An Interview with Joanna Zylinska [PART I]

Andrew Dewdney interviews Joanna Zylinska for Unthinking Photography, on the occasion of her recent publication ‘Nonhuman Photography’ (MIT Press, 2017). We are publishing here two excerpts from the conversation while the full interview is available to download as a pdf. In this first part, the discussion unpacks the notion of the nonhuman in image culture.

February 2019

Nonhuman Photography: An Interview with Joanna Zylinska [PART II]

In this second excerpt of her interview with Andrew Dewdney, Joanna Zylinska talks about representation and post-photography while she reflects on archival as well as institutional practices in the age of the Anthropocene. As she mentions: "I am trying to develop sets of relations between images and practices across time, across species, across technologies, and identify certain old tropes that are returning today. I would like to think that my mode of looking, which involves placing images along those deep-historical lines, is also a way of showing why photography matters".

January 2018

Interview with Wendy McMurdo

TPG Digital Curator Katrina Sluis interviews the pioneering artist Wendy McMurdo about the trajectory of her work since the 1990s and how debates around photography and digital culture have shifted.

October 2017

Interview with Joey Holder

"People are now more acutely aware of the way in which ideas can transform and mutate through the (inter)net, and have their own “life”, so to speak. I personally think of the internet itself as a complex entity, like a living organism, expanding and contracting. Its territories are as far-reaching as they are controlled".

September 2017

An interview with Morehshin Allahyari

Maria Rosario Montero interviews Morehshin Allahyari on the occasion of the latter's commission 'She Who Sees the Unknown: Ya'Jooj Ma'Jooj' at The Photographers' Gallery Media Wall (2017). Allahyari discusses digital colonialism as a core concept in her work as well as the agency of feminist and activist practices using 3D scanning, 3D printing and storytelling.

August 2017

The politics of image search - A conversation with Sebastian Schmieg [Part II]

The second part of the interview between Sebastian Schmieg and Nicolas Malevé. Schmieg reflects on his project 'Search by Image' and further discusses machine learning and intelligence as well the politics of image annotation.

The politics of image search - A conversation with Sebastian Schmieg [Part I]

Nicolas Malevé interviews the artist Sebastian Schmieg on image annotation, immaterial labour and his TPG commission 'Decision Space'.