Photo Education

How can we “unthink” photographic education? Can we learn photography theory from YouTube? In this strand, we explore the ways people define the photographic pedagogies of today and the factors that affect and challenge them. The permeation of online tutorials, the aesthetics of search engines and social media temporalities generate questions concerning the agency of the photographer and the value and currency of the image.

What is success? In the past, a successful photographic career led ultimately to a monograph or a retrospective. Let’s unbox one.
As an artist using 3D animation software, much of my work comes in trying to introduce noise, dirt and detail into sterile, mathematically derived images. CGI wants to be photographic. Conversely, Adobe Photoshop is anchored to the photographic realm but strives to efface it.
This short text is the result of an attempt to understand photographic theory by YouTube, which took the shape of an online errand of forking paths, full of interesting digressions, leading of course everywhere and nowhere.